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Dayton History

Welcome to Dayton: The Birthplace of Aviation. The sky’s the limit in this city – Wilbur and Orville Wright are proof of that. After all, it was here that the two brothers were given the freedom to let their imagination soar, and soon found themselves flying among the clouds and into the history books as the creators of powered flight.

Today, that storied past is complemented by Dayton’s bustling present, in which visitors, from sophisticates to flight fanatics, can spend days gliding from the top-notch Ohio attractions to the entertaining activities that are available at every turn. It’s rare that travelers find a locale where two worlds exist so effortlessly; where shopping outlets mingle with art museums; sports arenas coexist with historic sites; thriving communities share space with scenic green expanses; and fun-filled daytime destinations are paired with a flourishing nightlife. Not to mention, a place where out-of-towners aregreeted warmly as lifelong residents. This history of Dayton, Ohio is one of groundbreaking invention and unsurpassed hospitality.

A steady stream of aviation enthusiasts from around the globe can be found at such popular spots as the National Museum of the United States Air Force, where more than 300 airplanes and missiles spread out over 17 acres of indoor exhibit space, or The Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park’s four unique sites, which tell the story of the Wright Brothers and the history of aviation. Their legacy lives on in their proud hometown.

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Things to Do in Dayton, Ohio

Home to Midwestern hospitality and plenty of urban energy, the city offers visitors a combination of city style excitement, interesting landmarks, great dining, and an endless array of attractions. Visitors will discover everything from thrilling college sports, interesting landmarks, and fun family attractions to upscale shopping, lively nightlife and world-class dining. With so many fun things to see and do, it's no wonder Dayton is such a popular destination for vacations, weekend getaways and business travel.

Staying at the Crowne Plaza, you are within walking distance to the Oregon Arts District. Discover a different side of Dayton when you visit the historic Oregon Arts District, a fun and funky neighborhood that offers an eclectic mix of coffee shops and restaurants, interesting boutiques, exciting nightlife, and quiet outdoor spaces. Filled with historic buildings featuring unique architecture spanning from 1820-1915, visitors will enjoy walking the streets to see the beautiful Victorian structures just as much as they'll like perusing the area's shops, galleries and nightclubs.