Air Force Research Laboratory’s
Safe & Secure Systems and Software Symposium
12-14 June 2012
Holiday Inn, Fairborn Ohio

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

0730-0800  Check-in

0800-0815  Welcome & Admin Remarks

0815-0900  Keynote - Certifiable Trust in Autonomy through V&V
                 Dr. Werner Dahm, Arizona State University

0900-0930  Verification and Validation of Flight Critical Systems
                 Kevin Driscoll, Honeywell

0930-0955  Enhanced Analysis
                 Jon Hoffman, AFRL 

0955-1025  BREAK (30 min)

1025-1050  Mapping MIL-HDBK-516B to DO-178C
                 Scott Olson, General Atomics Airworthiness, FAA DER, LDRA

1050-1115  Certifying the Security of Software Using Formal Requirements Models
                 Constance Heitmeyer, NRL

1115-1140  Correct-by-Construction Code Synthesis from Formal Models for Safe and Secure Applications
                 Sandeep K. Shukla, Virginia Tech

1140-1205  A Tabular Expression Toolbox for Critical Systems Development in Simulink
                 Mark Lawford, McMaster University, Center for Software Certification

1205-1335  LUNCH (1.5hr on your own)

1335-1400  Avionics Scheduling in a Safety Critical/ Security Critical Environment using MULTICORE Processors
                 David Mayerhoefer, Green Hills Software

1400-1425  Verification of aircraft controller: from process-based certification to product-based certification
                 Pierre-Loïc Garoche, University of Iowa

1425-1450  Simplex Architecture for Run Time Assurance of Hybrid Systems
                 Abhishek Murthy, Stony Brook University

1450-1515  A Security Specification Language (SSL) for Run-Time Policy Enforcement
                 Sandeep K. Shukla, Virginia Tech

1515-1545  BREAK (30 min)

1545-1630  A Safety Assurance Case for a Mixed Criticality System Connected with a Data Centric Middleware
                 Dr. Heidi Schubert, Real-Time Innovations

1630-1655  Towards a Trustworthy Distributed Architecture for Complex Sensing Networks
                 Dr. Nikolai Mansourov, KDM Analytics

1655-1720  A Multi-Modal Composability Framework For Cyber-Physical Systems
                 Linh Thi Xuan Phan, University of Pennsylvania

1720-1725  Closing Remarks


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

0730-0800  Check-in

0800-0815  Welcome & Admin Remarks

0815-0900  Keynote - The Challenge of Autonomy: AFRL’s perspective on the future of V&V
                 Jake Hinchman, AFRL Air Vehicles Directorate

0900-0925  Autocoding Of Computer-Controlled Systems With Semantics For Formal Code Verification
                 Timothy Wang, Georgia Tech

0925-0950  L1-Simplex Architecture for Co-Stability in Cyber-Physical Systems
                 Dr. Xiaofeng Wang, UIUC

0950-1020 BREAK (30 min)

1020-1045 Time-Bounded Analysis of Real-Time Systems
                Dr. Arie Gurfinkel, Carnegie Mellon University SEI

1045-1110  RAISE – Risk Analysis Integration into Architecture-based Systems
                 Engineering for Trustworthiness Assessment

                 Adam Langdon, EDAptive Computing, Inc.

1110-1135  Compositional Verification of Architectural Models
                 Dr. Darren Cofer, Rockwell Collins

1135-1200  Stochastic Techniques for Falsification of complex Systems (Video played during presentation)
                 Sriram Sankaranarayanan, University of Colorado

1200-1330  LUNCH (1.5hr on your own)

1330-1355  Run Time Assurance
                 Matt Clark, AFRL

1355-1420  Common Executable Architectures for Multiple Level Verification and Validation
                 Dr. Ronald Fernandes, Knowledge Based Systems, Inc. 

1420-1445 Automatically Modifying Conflicting Specifications
                Georgios Fainekos, Arizona State University

1445-1510 A Formal Method for Industrial Requirements Analysis
                Lucas Wagner, Rockwell Collins 

1510-1540 BREAK (30 min)

1540-1720 PANEL (4-5 panelist each previously provided 2 topics/questions to respond <= 5 min each)

1720-1725 Closing Remarks


Thursday, 13 June 2012

0730-0800  Check-in

0800-0815  Welcome & Admin Remarks

0815-0900  Keynote – Challenges in Certification for Medical Cyber-Physical Systems
                 Oleg Sokolsky, University of Pennsylvania

0900-0925  Response Time of Embedded Networks---FlexRay and Time Triggered Ethernet
                 Dr. Ratnesh Kumar, Iowa State University

0925-0950  Safety and Security Certification of Unmanned Air Systems, Control Segments
                 Joe Wlad, Wind River

0950-1020  BREAK (30 min)

1020-1045  TrackOS: a Security-Aware RTOS
                 Dr. Lee Pike, Galois, Inc. 

1045-1110  A Multicore Real-Time Mixed-Criticality Framework for Avionics
                 Jim Anderson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

1110-1120 General Conference Closing Remarks

1120-1250 LUNCH (1.5hr on your own)

1250-1700 BREAKOUTS
                Run Time Assurance

                National Plan

                Enhanced Analysis