Air Force Research Laboratory’s
Safe & Secure Systems and Software Symposium
15-17 June 2010
Hilton Garden Inn, Beavercreek Ohio

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

0730-0800: Check-in

0800-0815: Welcome & Administrative Remarks

0815-0900: KEYNOTE: Cyber-Physical Systems
                 Dr. Helen Gill, National Science Foundation (NSF)

0900-0945: Approach and Challenges in Qualification of Mission-critical Software-reliant Systems,
                 Peter Feiler, Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute

0945-1000: BREAK

1000-1030: Towards a Software Component Model for Software Health Management,
                 Abhishek Dubey, Vanderbilt University Institute for Software-Integrated Systems

1030-1100: Flight Validation and Technology Transition of L1 Adaptive Control
                 Enric Xargay , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

1100-1130: Assuring Complex System Safety Using New System Theoretic Tools
                 Prof. Nancy Leveson, MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics Dept.

1130-1200: Distributed Control of Mobile Agents with Unreliable Communication: Theory and Experience with S5 Tools
                 Concetta Pilotto, California Institute of Technology

1200-1330: LUNCH

1330-1400: Sentinel-A Low Cost Non-Intrusive Anti-Tamper Aid for Security Assurance,
                 Paul Salchak, Hirsch Electronics & Communications

1400-1430: Use of Formal Methods to Satisfy DO-178C Certification Objectives
                 Darren Cofer, Rockwell Collins

1430-1500: AF Independent Airworthiness process and how the guidelines in MIL-HDBK-516
                 addresses safety and security for software
                 Bob McAllister, ASC/ENSI

1500-1515: BREAK

1515-1600: V&V for Flight-Critical Systems,
                 Guillaume Brat, NASA AMES

1600-1630: Survivability: Where Safety and Security Converge
                 Karen Goertzel, Booz Allen Hamilton

1630-1700: Techniques being developed and utilized in the analysis of software and systems of value to NSA
                 Sean Weaver, NSA

1700-1715: Closing Remarks


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

0730-0800: Check-in

0800-0815: Welcome & Administrative Remarks

0815-0835: KEYNOTE: Cooperative Airspace Operations,
                 Dr. Bryan Cannon, AFRL/RBCC

0835-0945: Data Distribution Service (DDS) Middleware in Mixed-criticality Distributed Systems and Demonstration,
                 Rose Wahlin, (RTI)

0945-1000: BREAK

1000-1030: Middleware for Partitioned Systems on Airborne Platforms
                 Dr. Doug Stuart, Boeing

1030-1100: Technology for Cost Effective Mixed Criticality
                 Brian LaValley, WW Technologies

1100-1130: Escapes from Airworthiness Certification and How to Prevent Them
                 Dr. Herbert Hecht, SoHaR

1130-1200: Analytical Validation Tools for Safety Critical Systems
                 Dr. Gary Balas, University of Minnesota, Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

1200-1330: LUNCH

1330-1400: Air Force Basic Research in Systems and Software
                 Dr. David Luginbuhl, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)

1400-1430: A Constraint-Driven Approach for Systematic and Integrated Testing and Error Recovery,
                 Sarfraz Khurshid, University of Texas

1430-1500: A Framework for Designing Reliable Software-Intensive Systems
                 Irem Tumer , Oregon State University, Carol Smidts, The Ohio State University

1500-1515: BREAK

1515-1545: Survivable Software
                 Scott Smolka, Stony Brook University

1545-1615: Scalable and Accurate Verification of Data Flow Systems
                 Cesare Tinelli, University of Iowa

1615-1700: Enabling Certified, Safety-Critical Software Reuse on Next Generation Avionics and Multi-Core Systems, 
                 Tim King, DDC-I

1700-1715: Closing Remarks


Thursday, 17 June 2010

0815-0845: KEYNOTE: Making DARPA META Goals Come True:
                 How do we Revolutionize Verification and Validation for Complex Systems?
                 Dr. Kirstie Bellman, (AISC) The Aerospace Corporation

0845-0915: Model-driven Verification and Validation,
                 Dr. Mark R. Blackburn, T-VEC Technologies, Inc.

0915-0945: Coverage Metrics and Requirements-Based Testing
                 Michael Whalen, U of Minnesota Software Engineering Center (UMSEC)

0945-1015: Mixed Criticality Java in Flight,
                 Filip Pizlo, Fiji Systems

1015-1030: BREAK

1030-1100: Enabling Certified, Safety-Critical Software Reuse on Next Generation Avionics and Multi-Core Systems,
                 Tim King, DDC-I

1100-1130: The System Architecture Virtual Integration (SAVI) Project:
                 An Integrated Modeling Environment for Improved Design of Complex Systems
                 Dr. David Redman, AVSI, a member Texas A&M U. System

1130-1200: Automated Verification Support in Producible Adaptive Model-based Software,
                 Sumit Ray, BAE Systems

1200-1330: LUNCH

1330-1400: New Developments in Model-Integrated Development of High-Confidence Software,
                 Joe Porter, VUI for Software Integrated

1400-1430: Systems & Software Producibility Collaboration and Experimentation Environment (SPRUCE)
                 Steve Drager, AFRL/RITA

1430-1500: Horizontal Integration and Fault Tolerant Control (FTC)
                 V&V for Intelligent UASs through Combined Simulation and Flight Test,
                 Dr. Daniel P. Schrage, Georgia Tech

1500-1515: Break

1515-1545: Qualification and Reliability of Complex Electronic Rotorcraft Systems,
                 Alex Boydston, AMRDEC (Aviation and Missiles Research, Development and Engineering Center)

1545-1605: Run-Time Assurance for Advanced Flight-Critical Control Systems,
                 Dr. John D. Schierman, Barron Associates

1605-1625: Fractional and Cooperative Redundancy for Unmanned Air Vehicles,
                 Tony Aiello, Barron Associates

1625-1655: Closing Remarks